When the man noticed an animal with a glass ball on its head he called a rescuer group

Once, a man noticed a strange animal in the forest. His head was a little bit strange. But it was far away and understanding what was happening was very difficult.

So, the man decided to approach the animal and help it if needed.
It was a little deer. And his head was stuck in a jar. He was disoriented and could not do anything.

Moreover, it was frightening.
This poor deer suffered for many days of hunger.

No one knows how many days he left in such a condition. If the man could not notice him most probably it would die.
So, the man hurried to call the rescuer group.

They arrived quickly and started to take necessary actions. And they did everything for the animal. After the help, it could return to the forest.

But this was not the end. After some days, the man called the rescuers and told them about the same case. The animal was completely exhausted and hungry.

They again arrived in the forest and helped the animal. After which he again returned to its natural habitat.

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