When the couple found the cat they could not expect that it would become their inseparable part

After saving the cat the couple becomes attached to it.
Unlike others, feral cats did not like communicating with people. And there is a big difference between them and other animals.

In many cases, people avoid communicating with them as they could not find anything in common. Even many of them did not see any humans during their life. So, being with them is very stressful for these animals.

In South Africa, a couple found a little cat who needed help. And they rushed to help the poor animals. After that, they started to look after it.
The couple changed its name and called it Weasel.

The savior knew that it was wild but they decided to adopt it and did not change their mind. But indeed they had some concerns.
As the baby has always been far away from people it would be difficult to start living with them.

Also, it would be hard to make the animal change its lifestyle.
She escaped from people but the owners did their best to communicate with the animal.

And after making some efforts they managed to convince people to spend time with them. So, she started to cuddle with its owners and sleep with them.

Also, it started to demand many things.

And the owners in their turn did their best to please the animal.

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