What They Found In This Sperm Whale’s Stomach Shocked The Whole World

Scientists were eager to learn the cause of death of the baby sperm whale that washed up on a Spanish beach earlier this year.

After discovering more than 30 kg of plastic in the whale’s stomach, they now think they know. A 10 meter long whale has been discovered on the sand in Cabo de Palos, Murcia region, Spain. The whale was remarkably thin.
Sperm whales typically consume huge squid, octopus, tiny sharks and other seafood, but this whale also consumed straw bags, plastic bags, ropes, nets, drum line and a plastic water container.

Les experts ont émis l’hypothèse que la baleine, incapable de traiter ou d’éliminer les déchets de son corps, est probablement morte d’une maladie de l’estomac.

Le fait que les cachalots soient considérés comme une espèce en voie de disparition* ajoute à l’horreur* de ce massacre.

Consuelo Rosauro, Director General of Environment of Murcia, said that “the presence of plastic in the ocean and the oceans is one of the greatest threats to the conservation of wildlife worldwide, since many animals are trapped in waste or ingest large quantities of plastic which ultimately causes their death.

Around 150 million tonnes of plastic are currently floating in our oceans, with an additional eight million tonnes added to the water each year. Large waste patches are contaminated places because of this.


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