This was an unbelievable moment when the huge humpback leaped out of the water

If you love nature and sometimes enjoy your time there you will face this wonder one day.
The photographer named Douglas Craft managed to capture the huge animal.

He was on the boat when it happened. You cannot see such a phenomenon every day.
They can be noticed from a distance but to be near you is not an everyday thing.

The photographer could not expect to see such a thing but he did not lose the moment and captured it. He was shocked at first and could not believe his eyes.

The whale was bigger than the boat. The sizes of the boat and the whale could not even be compared. And the photographer could take great pictures.
And then he posted the photos on his social media and surprisingly the pictures were widely spread and became popular.

Many of them commented about their feelings about this.
By seeing this people also were shocked as the man was.

People who do not know whales weigh about 25-20 tons. And people would never want to dare in the sea and see such a huge whale near them.

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