This was an amazing connection between a cat and a bear

Guests of the Berlin Zoo watched this amazing couple for ten years.
At that time the bear was about 30 years old when it met its friend. People called her Mäuschen and her life was so boring.

Nothing interesting happened in her life.
And when this happened everything suddenly changed.

The cat was looking down from the tree to the bear. And then decided to go down.
The bear was very careful with all the guests but the cat did not leave her.

Then something unexpected happened.
And then all the workers noticed that they have a special attitude towards each other. And a friendship started among them.

The name of the cat was Muschi.
So, they became inseparable friends and were always together.

But after some years the enclosure was closed to be repaired and the bear was shifted to another place. The cat waited for its friend for a long time.

She could not see her friend during this time.
And finally, they are reunited and are very happy. So, this was an amazing friendship that existed between a cat and a bear that no one could expect.

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