This unlucky dog was not suggested for adoption, but this couple came about six hours to take him

The stray dog was found on the street. He was a usual puppy. But because of his sadness, no one wanted to take him. Then, he transferred to the shelter where he was provided with food and a place to stay.

What was surprising was that the puppy did not want to become friends with anyone. And he is considered to be the saddest creature.

Then one of the shelter staff captured the animal for adoption. But unfortunately, no one wanted to adopt him because of his sad look. But one couple appeared who called the shelter.

The couple was advised not to take the baby as he never would hug them or make them happy as other dogs do. But surprisingly this made them adopt the baby even more.

So they decided to come and see the animal and drove about six hours to get there.
The couple knew that the animal would be euthanized if they left him there.

When they saw the animal it was unsociable. He did not know how the people would act toward them but after reaching their home he understood that this couple loved him.

And this dog turned out to be the happiest one that no one could even expect.

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