This special creature was the only albino orangutan found in the world

Most probably this was the most special creature in the animal world.
Meet Alba, the most amazing animal in nature. Their intelligence made them unique.

Her name is translated from Latin and means white. This amazing creature was saved many years ago thanks to a special organization and after that, she got lots of attention and became famous around the world. She was at the center of everyone’s attention.

But unfortunately, she has albinism and her condition is so serious that she is now endangered. Most probably she will have problems with eyesight and hearing.

Fortunately, she has friends who are always ready to help her when she needs them.
They love each other and share tenderness. Also, they enjoy spending their time together.

The place where they are is being protected during the whole day and they are fed at least twice a day. People who take care of them are very careful and attentive as they need special treatment and care.

Thanks to kind people this special animal will live healthily. Also, they will enjoy their life. Here, you can see the pictures of it.

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