This round shaped birds that are very similar to cotton will make you happy

Have you ever seen a bird that was very similar to flying cotton? So, it turned out that there is a bird in nature that had white plumage. It is soft and similar to cotton. This animal is about 13-15 cm.

This bird has black eyebrows. But once they become older it becomes white. Their eyes are in round shape and black color. Most probably you think that birds could not be so lovely but they will prove the opposite with their cute appearance.

These birds are living on Hokkaido island. And you cannot see them so often. Moreover, they are always in flocks consisting of about 23-30 birds. And because of their thin feet, they seemed to be just round balls.

So, when you see their photos most probably you will agree that they are cute babies. So, nature never stops amazing us, and this time it shows the beauty of such creatures. They differ from others by their usual and special look.

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