This is the biggest puppy in the work weighs 180 pounds and is 6 feet tall

The resident of Salt Lake City decided to get a guard dog after his house was attacked.
His pet died because of the robber who threw the dog out of the window.

Then he adopted 4 months old Euphrates.
At that time the dog was already weighing 130 pounds.

When she stood on her legs she reached about 6 feet tall.
While adopting this dog the owner did not know that it was one of the largest dogs in the world.

She was an impressive animal.
To adopt such an animal you should have at least 5000 dollars.

Jared said that communicating with her is very difficult.
The dog can just wag his tail and knock a human down.

‘When people saw her they wondered how I managed to control her’ says the owner.
People are impressed with this dog and also some accidents happen because of this as drivers look carefully at the dog and lose their control.

Maybe you think that such a dog would act very aggressively but not. She did not have any aggression.
So, now the owner is sure that the dog will guard the home the way it is needed and no such cases will happen again.

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