This boy had genetic disorders and was adopted by kind people

This story is about a boy called Rustam from Russia. The boy had some diseases that affected his look. And his parents abandoned the boy because of this.

The poor boy underwent some surgeries and after that, he started to live a normal life. He is now adopted by a kind family. The family also had 2 children but they could not stay indifferent after knowing his story.

After some time the boy changed a lot. He also learned to talk and walk. This was thanks to the family who did their best for the boy. They were very responsible with the boy. Many specialists also worked with him.

Many children sometimes bully Rustam because of his looks but their parents did not do anything to stop them. They try to explain to everyone that he is unique in this way and there is nothing funny about him.

He is not the only one in that family. This family also decided to adopt another kid who also had few chances to live a happy life. But again thanks to this caring family she can play and draw and develop like other children.

It’s nice that such kind people still exist.

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