This beautiful panther was raised by a human after being rejected by his mom

The story is about an abandoned animal and a kind woman.
This lovely panther appeared in very hard condition after being rejected by his mother. So, it appeared in the zoo but fortunately, after some time it was taken by a kind woman with her dog.


So, meet the panther named Luna.
Despite all the difficulties Luna is lucky as she gets love from his human mom and his friend. He was left alone after birth and was survived due to this kind woman.

So, if this woman did not adopt it no one knows how her life will continue to be.
The owner named Victoria also had another animal and was careful with all of them.

The woman visited the panther several times and then decided to adopt the baby. Starting from that moment they become inseparable friends.
But she did not know how her dog would react to their new family member. But all his worries were in vain, everything went well.

They became best friends from the very first moment. The panther is now happy and gradually gained weight.
The owner often captures them together and shares the photos on her social media account.


They already have 2 million followers and they all adore the animals.
These videos are widely spread on social media and they become popular in the world.

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