They thought that the dog had little chance and decided to euthanize him

The dog service caught the stray dog named Squish and took it to an animal shelter.
The puppy had problems with its head and jaw and that made him look twisted.

Despite such difficulties, the dog was very happy.
Then he started to lose weight and after some time doctors decided to euthanize him to prevent his suffering.

But that did not happen. The shelter gave the animal to the smartest specialists. They also knew that even after some procedures no one knows whether he could chew food or not. But the animal did not return to the shelter.

Danielle, one of the doctors, was very excited and loved the dog very much. ‘I saw so much pain in its eyes,’ said the doctor.
But despite all of these he was joyful and kind.

The woman felt sorry for this poor creature and took him home for a night.
She wanted to calm the animal down.

The dog was very happy with the woman.
When the woman wanted to sleep the dog came and hugged her.

After some time the dog underwent an operation. He went through a recovery process and started to carry small things in his teeth. Hope he will be fully recovered and soon will find a permanent home.

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