The woman found a wet little cat in the garbage bag and could not hide her tears

A resident from Rio de Janeiro found a dog in a bag while walking with his dog.
At first, she thought that the bag was moving because of the wind.

She could not imagine what could be there and did not pay so much attention to the package. But then she heard some sounds coming from there. And it got her attention.

She heard meowing and then decided to check what was there.
The woman managed to open the bag and then found a small dirty cat. The kitten needed someone’s help.

No one knows how it appeared there in such conditions.
The woman freed it from the bag and tried to calm him down.

The baby was scared and did not understand what happened to him. The woman took the cat with her.
So, she washed and prepared a bed for him.

As soon as the baby calmed down he wanted to be thankful to this kind woman.
The baby should also be fed.

When he grew up the woman decided to name him Davy. Now he lives with the woman and is surrounded by love and warmth.

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