The woman did a tattoo in memory of her lovely pet

Anna Halcin and her lovely dog named Sebastian had many close friends for many years.
They overcame many difficulties together and were always ready to help each other.

They were real friends. To prove his love towards its owner he also did a cute thing.
Every time he came closer to the woman and hugged her. They shared an exciting bond.

That was a relationship above everything.
But then Sebastian died.

It was very hard for Anna to accept reality and continue living without his friend. He was upset by such a loss. But then she decided to do something amazing.

And she got a tattoo. She did it in her hand. And it seemed that the dog hugged her in that way. Later, Anna said that it somehow helped her to overcome the loss.
Then, Sebastian was not alive with his owner in such a way. Also, he would always stay in her heart.

When Anna felt sad she looked at her hands and that somehow comforted her.
Look at the photos here.


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