The was man amazed when he knew that the cat visited the owner’s gravestone every year

When the man named Klei Keninhau was returning home he saw something strange. He noticed the cat who was next to the tombstone.
It was obvious that the cat was not there for no reason. She either lived there or came intentionally.

So, the man decided to give food and water to the animal.
The next day everything happened again. Keli again noticed her in the same place.

He also noticed that the cat did not eat the food that the man gave her.
So, the man decided to follow the animal and understand what was wrong.

So, the cat visited there every day.
The man gathered information about this cat.


And he found out that the owner of the animal had died and after that, the cat visited her every day.
Despite the weather, the animal came there every year.

So, this shows that the connection between the cat and her owner was so strong that the pet could not forget it even after his death.
So, the man was amazed by knowing all this. He continued bringing food to the cat and looked after it.

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