The unusual friendship between the leopard who visits the cow every day and lay next to it

The leopard often visits the Indian village.
The female scared people in the village. And residents started to complain and it reached the highest courts. And the specialist was sent there.

So, they managed to catch the animal and took it to the forest. But now the cat, whom the animal visited, is left alone.
But after some time the residents again had complaints as they met a young leopard.

One day, the leopard jumped into the yard and approached the cow. Surprisingly, she went closer to the cow and lay next to her.
Then the leopard started to visit the cow every day.

The cow was not scared of the wild animal and acted like it was her friend.
And people who heard this story were amazed by it.

People gathered to see the leopard and did not bother it.
No one knows what was the reason for such strange behavior.

The woman who also raised an orphan tiger thinks that the leopard did not have a mother and when she met the cow, who also lost a calf, accepted her as its mom.

And now they are family and no one wants to bother them.

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