The struggle of a young gymnast during her performance has earned the hearts of 40 million people… See below to find out why…

Olympians don’t wake up one day and decide they want to be the best in the world. Years of hard work and dedication are required.

To be honest, many of them didn’t even start the voyage on their own.

To be considered even as a potential Olympic athlete at a young age, a person must have a certain personality type and begin with a strong work ethic.

Training can begin as soon as a youngster starts to walk, depending on the sport.

Women’s gymnastics is one of the sports that features the most intense competition in these games.

Many young girls start training when they are three or four years old. It’s incredible how lengthy the process takes, but I feel that’s what makes them so good by the time they’re 16!

However, many people begin participating in competitive sports at a young age just because they love it.

A small child sprinting around a soccer field at four years old does not always mean that he aspires to be a professional one day — he’s just having fun!

The same might be said for young female gymnasts.

It’s still incredibly sweet for all the adults watching, whether the child is a male or a girl!

A new viral video shows that gymnastics training for young girls does not have to be serious; it may even be cute!

This is a great illustration of how much a coach can affect a child’s interest in sports. Ms. Kassie owns Heartland Gymnastics, which is based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Planet Gymnastics posted the video to YouTube. It’s very simple, and it centers around a young girl in a red leotard getting down on the floor and doing her thing!

It would go viral like wildfire!

Ms. Kassie, the young girl’s Missouri teacher, is giving her a routine!

The crowd thought they were watching a pleasant scene, but they had no idea it would become viral!

It has already received over 40 million views since its January release!

People all over the world think it’s far too cute to ignore.

While most famous gymnastics films depict very gifted individuals performing seemingly impossible acrobatics, this one is unique – it’s simply adorable!

See the amazing moment in the video below!
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