The story is about a cat named Apollo who was the world’s biggest one and weighs about 700 lbs

This cute and special story is about Apollo, who is considered to be the ‘world’s biggest cat.’
This cat is a liger who is the mix of a tigress and a male lion.

The name of the animal is Apollo who’s popular for its size.
Probably you may wonder what the animal eats.

So, he eats everything he finds.
This animal could reach up to 40 miles in an hour by taking a couple of steps.

Mike also saw that his teeth were the size of a middle finger.
Also, his tongue is the size of a forearm.

More interesting was that his lung was the same size as his torso.
He has a big neck which makes it hard for the man to cuddle with him.

He is the most special and biggest liger in the world.
Most probably, all of us will be afraid when meeting with him.

Fortunately, many people look after him. Indeed, it was very hard but they did it.
People also compare them with an animal that was endangered about 42000 years ago.

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