The story is about a big lion who loved a tiger

The 2 amazing animals, the big lion, and a white tiger fell in love with each other and became inseparable. Nature never stops amazing us with such strong relationships among wild animals.

They both faced many difficulties and overcame them. These animals are from the zoos of New England. The aim was to breed them and give birth to lions who would be the combination of lions and tigers.

Fortunately, they survived in 2004. At that period, everything was hard for them. The big lion weighed almost 200 pounds and the tiger had health problems.

Luckily, they both are now safe and protected due to the Big Cat Rescue Center.
They never part away from each other.

But the lion’s health was getting worse and the doctors decided to castrate or part him away from the tiger. The decision was obvious for everyone.
So, the doctors castrated him and now he could live the rest of his life with his close friend.

The lion was happy as he was not separated from the tiger.
Moreover, the animal is now feeling good and the extra pounds of his fur were eliminated.

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