The son, who had not invited his poor father to the wedding, was shocked when the host announced a toast from the father of the bride

Anatoly grew up in a modest family. His parents did everything to ensure that their only heir lacked nothing. Only God knows how difficult it was for Pavel Anatolyevich to provide for the educational needs of his son.

Malgré les défis auxquels le couple âgé était confronté, Pavel et Elizaveta ont élevé un jeune homme intelligent et ambitieux. Peu de temps après avoir obtenu son diplôme universitaire, Anatoly a quitté le nid familial, déménageant de la campagne vers la capitale. Tolya a rapidement trouvé un emploi prestigieux et a même trouvé une partenaire. Masha s’est révélée être une fille modeste, malgré la richesse de ses parents, dont on racontait des légendes à l’université. Après avoir obtenu une promotion au travail, Tolya a demandé la main de sa bien-aimée. “Elle a dit ‘oui’, tu peux l’imaginer, papa ?” Toly ne pouvait contenir son excitation. “Alors, papa, est-il temps de sortir le costume du placard ? Oh, comme il attendait ce moment, Tolenka”, s’exclama Pavel Anatolyevich à l’autre bout du fil.

“Dad, here’s the thing… Long story short, we decided to get together as a small group, hang out somewhere with friends, and then go our separate ways. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to Masha after the wedding,” Tolya reassured his disappointed father. After hanging up the phone, Anatoly sighed with relief.

Tolya sincerely loved his father, but he did not want to find himself in an awkward situation because of a relative who knew nothing about Michelin-starred restaurants, had never traveled abroad and could not start a conversation about cryptocurrencies. The long-awaited and exciting day had arrived. Anatoly was surprised when the host announced a toast from the bride’s side of the family. Sergey Ashotovich entered the room, supporting Tolya by the elbow. “I am proud to introduce you to my new parent, who sacrificed his health and youth by working in the mines so that his son would never know destitution. “Parents are sacred, Tolya. Cherish your father, you only have one,” Tolya’s father-in-law summed up, shaking hands with Tolya’s father, who stood in the middle of the tables dressed in an old-fashioned suit with patches on the elbows.

Anatoly burst into tears, hugging his aging relative. “Tolya, we decided to surprise you. Don’t be angry with the old man,” smiled Tolya’s father. Sergey Ashotovich patted Tolya on the shoulder with understanding. “I’ve already arranged things with the guys for the repairs; our grandchildren will come to grandfather’s summer house this summer,” Sergey Ashotovich exclaimed, walking to the next table.


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