The smallest dog won everyone’s hearts weighs 300 grams

Many people love animals. When dogs grow up they become strong protectors for their owners. But sometimes many dogs remain the same size and never lose their childish charm.

Meet a beautiful Chihuahua from Poland. The puppy weighed 300 grams when it was 10 weeks old.
It was no bigger than an apple and his development was in the normal range.

If he would not become bigger he could get into the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest dog in the world. It will become clear in 2 months.

These dogs weigh about 2-3 kg. And puppies like Toody are rare.
It’s enough for him only a couple of pieces.

And the owners are moving very carefully at home in order not to step on her.
The smallest dog now is a Chihuahua called Boo-Boo who weighs about 700 g.

So, when his photos appeared on social media it got everyone’s attention and he had chance to win.

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