The puppy who was living in a shoebox was found by kind people who could not leave it there

The puppy was abandoned and was living in the shoebox. The baby felt safe near one of the houses. Later, the owner of that house saw her and started to feed the baby every day.

Then they also took the animal to the vet to make sure everything is fine with it. The baby was washed and cleaned.
Here, it turned out that the baby was not only missing one leg but also suffered from severe diseases.

Her condition was awful and she needed special care and treatment.
So, she stayed in the hospital and needed to undergo special treatment.

And thanks to this she started to recover and feel well. She did not give up and fought for her life.
Animal lovers will understand how it’s hard to see abandoned dogs in such conditions as Princess was.

And no one knows how she appeared in such a situation.
But indeed such cruel people who treat animals in this way should not be allowed to adopt animals.

And fortunately, there are kind people who do their best to help these poor creatures. And people like them deserve respect.
Princess is now in protected hands and let’s hope that soon she will find a permanent home.

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