The poor dog was found in the garbage and thanks to the animal protectors group it was rescued

The dog was laying on the ground and its legs could not even move and obey her. When someone touched her head Suzanne opened her eyes. The woman called the special center for this case.

After a short time, people came who together with the woman shifted Susie. It was moved to a shelter.
But she could not move. What was the reason?

The doctors investigated some illnesses which were most probably because of the owner who kept the animal in the cage for a long time and used it only for giving birth to babies.

Then, the dog shifted to the hospital where she received the necessary treatment. No one knows if she could walk again.

When she was in the pool she suddenly moved her limbs and tried to swim. As she was young she started to recover quickly.
The doctors did their best to help her recover soon. The dog also visited the pool every day.

During this, she also started to feel happy. She began enjoying her walks and loved everyone who was near her.
A month later no one would know that the animal was dying on the street.

Thanks to these kind doctors and the woman who found her the animal survived.

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