The poor dog in the shelter cried when he met the man who stood in front of him

It’s very hard for us to part with our lovely ones.
And also it’s difficult for the animals to do so.

This story is about a dog called Roscoe who appeared in the shelter when he was young.
He differs from the other dogs in the same shelter.

Other dogs there did their best to please people. So, they tried to make people happy.
But, Roscoe did not do such things.

His behavior was special and not like the others.
The workers from the shelter were concerned about his behavior. They wanted to know the reason for this.

And one day, one of the farmers recognized the dog and told the shelter that it was his lovely pet who was missing 3 years ago.
The owner said that he searched for his puppy for a long time but did not find him.

The workers from the shelter asked him to come and meet the animal.
When they met the dog ran around the man and then started to cry in happiness.

This was the first time he approached someone and behaved in that way.
The owner also could not hide his tears and started to cry. They both are happy as they could find each other.

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