The poor deer showed the woman her wounds and got help from her

The smart animal managed to show the woman that she was in need. Having a wild animal as your friend is interesting and at the same time amazing. And there are so many stories about people and animals who have special connections.

And this story is about such a case.
The couple decided to have a journey in Germany’s rural parts.

Indeed, it’s normal to see wild animals there but being friends with them is a crazy thing.
So, they became friends with a deer family.

The little deer started to visit them very often. And gradually they become strongly attached to each other. The couple called the animal Eva.
After some time the animal had babies and also introduced them to the couple.

The couple loved them all and hurried to take photos with them. And these pictures appeared on the Internet.
They spent most of the time with the animal and were very attentive to its behavior.

The deer did not move and that was strange.
After an examination, some wounds were noticed on her body. And that was clear that she needed support and the couple immediately helped her.

The woman was very careful with the deer. And she gradually became healthier.
The deer passed away in 2016. But the couple will always remember her.

The woman also posted a video where you can see how attentive and loving the mother was with her kids.

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