The poor cat lost her ears because of an infection but then got a permanent home

Animals always got our attention no matter what their condition was. This cat could not be left unnoticed.
She had some health problems and was without ears because of an infection. But kind people tied ears for her.

And here you can see the animal who was left without ears because of some chronic infections that harmed her health.
The name of the cat was Lady. She was transferred to a shelter in a bad condition.

So, she had to undergo a medical intervention and lost her ears.
But the shelter staff was sure that now she heard better than with ears. As they tied new ears for the poor baby.

With these new ears, she has an amazing appearance. And when the staff published her photos on social media she immediately found a new home for her.

So she faced so many difficulties but she left a very friendly and joyful creature. She brought happiness to the family where she went. The new owners were glad to have her in their life. In their turn, they did their best to make the cat happy.

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