The poor cat asked for help and thought caring people would be fed him

The cat once started to cry. The woman noticed that it did not have ears. The animal only walked by feeling the smell of the food.
The name of the woman is Isabelle who is from Canada. The woman felt sorry for the animal and could not leave it alone on the street.

She understood that the animal should be moved to the hospital the sooner the better.
Then she found out that the cat was abandoned.

The animal was 7 years old and had some health problems.
He also was infected with an immunodeficiency virus. The doctors assigned serious treatment for it.

The name of the animal is Hansik. So, it took about several months for the animal to be fully recovered.
And fortunately, he is now healthy. He transferred to the shelter and after some time started to gain trust towards people.

It turned out that he is a sociable and lovely creature. Thanks to the doctors’ great efforts and the kind woman, the animal is now alive and healthy.
Then he was adopted by a caring family and finally, his dream came true.

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