The police dog who was injured finally returned to its duties

Such a heroic act that no one can expect. Even being seriously injured the dog continued doing its duties as he was so devoted to it. When they are in hard situations they are even much more ready to do than people.

It’s no secret that they can find humans by only feeling their scent. So, they protect us without needing anything.
They protect us in any situation. And something like this happened when the dog continued doing his job despite being injured.

Then, he recovered and came back to his job.
The dog was named Kaiser. While he was doing his duties his handler received a call about a case that happened in London.

So, they hurried to the place where the case happened and there the dog was chased by the criminal. It was stabed about 5 times. But what was surprising was that Kaiser continued doing his job no matter how bad his situation was.

Then, he got treatment and fortunately recovered after 2 months.

After this, he returned to his duties again. And as a reward for such an act he got a toy.

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