The Pitbull should be adopted but it did not want to leave her best friend

The Pit Bull named Merrill and 8-year-old Taco met each other at the shelter.
They were both adopted by their owners.

But they became best friends from the moment they met.
They did not want to part away even for a while as they both started to cry without each other.

Moreover, they slept only in an embrace.
Then, a man visited the shelter.

The dog wanted to have a best friend and he met Merrill and loved her from the very first moment.
He was ready to accept her friend.

And if someone took them out from the enclosure the other one started to cry. They are very happy to find each other. And were sad when separated from each other.

So, when the man saw this touching moment he understood that he should either take both of them or leave them at the shelter. Separating them would be the worst thing in the world.

Luckily, the man was kind and chose the first one.
So, this couple now has a permanent home and a caring owner.

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