The pictures of a lovely dog called Hina widely spread on social media

The family had 4 dogs in her home/ The woman named Toko Kikuchi loved all her pets and often shared their photos on the Internet.

One of the dogs named Hina often sabotages the photoshoots.
The pet always does wrong actions during the shoot. She either starts to yawn or turn back.

So, taking photos of 4 pets at once is a hard thing.
The rest of the pets are doing well and only Hina spoils the photos.

Moreover, it seems that she does it on purpose.
But maybe that made her so special.

People enjoy looking at their photos.
And the woman always chooses the best photos to post.

So, every time Hina spoiled the pictures, it was so difficult to photoshoot them.
Hina is the most sleepy pet.

So, every time she does funny things and recently she decided to become a wolf.
The woman often became angry about her behavior but surprisingly all people liked her crazy actions as she made them all happy.

Moreover, they often share their opinion below the pictures and want to see more about the pets and especially about Hina.

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