The pianist with his great performance cured the animal’s broken soul, who was later saved from captivity

There are many psychologically broken animals in the wild. And sometimes they cure their soul by listening to such amazing performances.
It is believed that the right music, especially classical, can cure our souls and make us calmer.

So, it turned out that it could also help animals.
Meet a great pianist named Paul who is an animal lover. He plays the works of Schumann, Mozart, and Beethoven. And in this way, he saved animals from Thailand.

And his last performance was devoted to an elephant that went through many hardships during its life. Now, he is saved from the captivity that he was in all over time.

He enjoys playing and helping the animals who gained freedom. And it is already proved that such music helps the majority of the animals who were broken.
This is a relaxing therapy that the man professionally plays.

Also, the man confesses that this helped them to gain trust and made a warm relationship with him.
Many of these animals are mentally broken and classical music is a great idea as it calms their mind.

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