The photographer was amazed when the cheetah approached and hugged him

Suddenly the animal came and hugged the photographer.
The man called Sasan Amir often comes to the African savannah and always captures amazing moments of the local animals.

And when he recently came there an amazing story took place.
He was looking around when suddenly noticed a wild cheetah who was running toward him.

The man was scared a bit but did not show any aggression and was ready to protect himself.
The animal stopped for a minute and then moved towards the photographer.

So, reaching to the man the animal sat down near him.
He felt that the animal wanted to communicate with him and started to purr like cats.

The animal was not angry.
The man also managed to capture some moments of such an amazing moment.

So, the man had an opportunity to talk with one of the representatives of wildlife creatures which did not have any dangerous consequences for his life.

So, he would never have imagined that such magic could happen before he came here. At first, he was so scared but everything went well and he was lucky to have such a chance.

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