The penguin was saved by a man and then made friends with him

The dying penguin was saved due to the man’s efforts.
The old man called João Pereira de Souza found the bird on the beach. The penguin was covered with oil.

So, he hurried to help the poor animal. He washed him and took it from the water. After this, the man did everything to send the bird to its natural habitat and it refused to let the man alone. This happened in 2011 and after that, they became inseparable friends.

The name of the bird was Jingjing, who had to leave his friend in February because he should swim. But every time he leaves he returns and stays with the man for about eights months. He would never forget the man who helped him when he needed it the most.

His love and devotion to this man were very strong and he did his best to protect the man from other animals.
These penguins are a threatened species and many of them could not survive because of oil spills. But this lucky one was saved as he met a kind man. Thanks to such kind people many animals are rescued.

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