The parents were very careful with their 7 newborn puppies

The golden retrievers once decided to make the world happy with their cute photos.
The dogs could not hide their emotions and the video became very famous and got everyone’s attention from all over the world.

The video showed how the dogs groomed their babies to wear collars.
Also, the parents were very proud of their babies and did not worry about their future.

It was hard to raise your babies that way so that they become independent and joyful creatures. They should be able to take care of themselves.

And maybe these young puppies could learn how to be good parents for their babies in the future.
The parents also hugged each other while sleeping so that the puppies could learn the same. They sleep in this way peacefully.

So, this couple did their best to be a bright example for their babies. And the videos that appeared on social media made them even more popular.

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