The owners got rid of their pet and threw it near the supermarket but the dog believed that the owners will return back

The dog was two years old. And she managed to be a house pet and also homeless.
The name of the pet was Archi. He was living in Kyiv and serving his owners. And then he appeared near the supermarket.

The dog was ill and could not even walk.
Kind people asked residents about how she appeared there.

And then it became obvious that a car approached the supermarket and threw the dog from the car.
She was in bad condition but even at that moment, she did not lose hope that her owners would come back.

She looked at every car in hope that it was her owner’s. And one day the animal fell under one of the cars.
The activists of special center found the poor animal and helped her. The dog needed special treatment and attention.

And thanks to them the dog completed a treatment course. She got everything necessary. And fortunately, now she is healthy and people hope that he will soon find caring owners.

She is kind to everyone and the difficulties that she met during her path did not change her.
Let’s hope that she will soon have a permanent home and will enjoy her life.

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