The owner was searching for his lost dog for a year and then suddenly found her on social media

A dog was hit by a car last year.
Fortunately, it survived but lost part of her tail.

The owner named Dylan did his best to save the animal.
Then the doing disappeared while undergoing treatment.

The owner looked for her everywhere.
They searched for the pet for about a year but could not find her. The family had to accept the reality and move on.

They even thought about adopting a new animal.
Before New Year the owner was looking at an animal and then suddenly saw his dog.

He immediately called the shelter.
Athena told that some time ago Athena with other animals was seized who did not even look after the animals and their lives were endangered.

The owner also noticed how she had changed.
The woman arranged a meeting between the animal and its owner.

Before New Year they are reunited.
The dog did not forget her owner and was happy to see him again.

She returned home where many sweets waited for her.
The owner still could not believe that they found their pet. That was real magic and a New Year present for them.

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