The old woman decided to become a bride again

We can fall in love at any age. And today’s hero is the old woman who proved it.
The woman called Millie Taylor-Morrison is 86 years old.

And the brave woman became a bride again and her spouse is younger than she.
Only the closest people were invited to celebrate the day. The woman looked amazing.

The wedding dress was designed by her and everyone admired her look.
She was a model and by seeing her photos you will agree that she is still charming at this age.

Her granddaughter shared some pictures from the wedding. Her look was overall designed by her.
Her ex-husband died at a young age and how she managed to find love after 25 years.

Her family was very happy for her. As no one can find such love at this age. Hope she will live the rest of her life in happiness.

The woman has known her husband all her life. They were best friends and always helped each other when needed. And after such time they decided to marry each other and that was the best decision.

The wedding was in Verona.
Let’s wish them good health and happiness.

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