The old dog decided to take the poor infant cat and now they are always together

The resident of Delaware named Morgan Mckenzie was returning to her farm when she heard some strange noises. It was made by a little cat.

Morgan did not want to touch the kitten and thought that her mother would return.
Later, she returned to the place to check whether the animal was there or not.

She was there and Morgan decided to take her home.
The baby was very hungry.

The woman named the cat Polly.
Then, Morgan decided to also wash her.

At that time, an old dog named Paxton came there and saw the cat.
‘Most probably Paxton loved the poor cat from the first sight’ says Morgan.

Then, the dog started to lick her and she enjoyed it as she needed love and attention.
It seemed that Paxton became a parent for the baby.

The baby in her turn loved Paxton and accepted his attention.
After some time, they became even closer.

‘I think Poly does not know that she is a kitten,’ says the woman.
So, they both were always together.

The cat grew up and became joyful.
‘I am very happy that I have them,’ says Morgan.

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