The mountain lion could finally enjoy its freedom after twenty years of servitude

It’s hard to hear any cruel action done toward animals. How could people be so cruel to these poor creatures instead of giving care?

Luckily, some caring people can always protect these poor creatures.
The animal defense group organized the rescuing process of the lion called Mufasa.

It’s hard to spend all your life in such a condition as the lion did.
You live as a slave and nothing else.

He was the last animal as it was banned in Peru to act like this with them.
Thanks to the special center Mufasa was also saved and got freedom.

As he was kept in a cage throughout his whole life he could not be released into the wild at first. So, they sent it to the forest where there is an enclosure built especially for him.

Harem can live in peace and enjoy his life. The staff was very careful with him.
Unluckily, the hard life had its effects on his health which shortened the lifespan of this poor creature.

The lion died after several months of enjoying its freedom.
So, at least he enjoys the last day of his life in freedom.

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