The mother cat did her best to be with her babies again

This was a heartbreaking moment when the mother cat was finally reunited with her babies.
This happened in New Zealand.

The workers of the clinic suddenly noticed the kittens who were in the box and took them in. And the babies are nice and the workers looked after them carefully. And later they shared this story on social media.

The next morning they also noticed a worrying car near there. The cat tried to enter the building and that seemed strange to the staff. Then they allowed the cat to enter there. Later it became obvious that it was the mother of the babies.

And it was one of the exciting moments when the mother finally found her babies. This moment broke everyone’s heart and people could not hide their feelings.

The mother cat ran away when noticed the workers and separated from her babies. Then, the workers took the box and the babies were inside there. This was how they were separated.

Now, one of the worker’s family members took the babies and looked after them.
She keeps them until they will find their permanent homes.

They all are sociable and joyful and hopefully, they will soon find their caring owners.

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