The missing puppy’s reaction amazed everyone who saw her mother after being separated for a long time

The baby dog was lost and months later finally found. And the moment when she met with her mother was heartbreaking, and those who saw it could not hide their tears. The name of the dog was Snow who was lost about two months ago.

The conditions of how she got lost are unknown to everyone. No one knows how it could happen. The owners called the police to deal with this case. Later, the police officers said that it was one of the hardest incidents during their practice.

It was very difficult to find out how the animal was lost. Although the doggy is now rescued, the case is still under investigation.
Thanks to their great efforts they finally managed to find the animal. The dog was found after 2 months of search.

Fortunately, she was harmless and safe.
The mother was excited to see her baby. And the moment was very touching. They both had indescribable emotions.

They could not even hide their tears.
These moments were filmed and many people watched them. It got everyone’s attention.

No one could explain the happiness of the mother. They strongly hugged each other and did not want to part away again.

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