The man built a kayak to travel on the water with its lovely dogs

People who adopt animals are very attentive to their pets and look after them. And many people pay special attention to their animals.
The man named David Bahnson is an old surgeon who enjoyed traveling with his 2 dogs. He goes out by car or by airplane with his dogs.

Once he noticed that one of his dogs named Susie loves water and then he decided to create a kayak for her. The kayak was suitable for 2 people but then the man adopted it for Susie as well.

It was obvious that she enjoyed the water journey. After some years the man also took another dog and named it Ginger. And then he built a kayak for three of them. Ginger also loved such adventures and traveling with its owner. The man did everything for them to feel good.

Unfortunately, after some time they both died. And the man was somehow happy as he could make them happy in their last days.
They were real friends and shared a special bond.

Now the man took another puppy and did the same water journey with them.

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