The little wolf grew up together with tiger cubs and spent all their time together

Most probably you do not believe that tigers could be friends with wolves as they are considered to be enemies and nature never sees them together.

But this story is something amazing and proves the opposite. So, these pieces are enemies in the wild but friends on a safari. And not just friends but close friends.

They grew up together and became friends. But indeed it’s amazing to see the wolf and a tiger together as friends.
The cubs have been far away from their mother since birth.

And the goal of the program was to ensure survival.
The cubs did not care whether their species were enemies. So, they enjoyed playing and being together.

They did everything and shared the whole day. People were amazed by seeing such amazing friendship.
After some time wolves become bigger and bigger. But after some time tigers become bigger than wolves.

But at that time they could no longer live together. But they are still best friends and always eat together.

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