The little poor cat came closer to the boy and asked for food

The name of the animal was Margo. She was born in the street and it seemed that she would always be there. She fought for her life since birth.

She was in such a desperate and difficult situation that asked people for help.
The skateboarder was the one who saw her. So, the man did not leave the animal alone.

He took the animal to the hospital.
Here, she took an examination and it turned out that she had some problems.

Her eyes were also infected. She also had some parasites that bothered her.
Also, she did not have a microchip. So, the man became its owner.

The man gave her medicine. So, she started to gradually recover.
She was now feeling good and soon tried to act like the skateboarder.

After some time Margo became a beautiful animal.
She was now in good condition and had already forgotten about her difficult period spent on the street.

Her life changed for the better thanks to this kind and caring man who could not leave the animal in such a condition. Due to such people, many animals find their owners.

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