The little girl who did not have feet also had a puppy who did not have a paw. They are close friends

Nine puppies were born and one of them did not have a paw.
The name of this baby was Dan.

The breeders offered to euthanize the puppy but the owner of the puppy named Karen Riddle refused to do so.
The woman decided to give him another chance and find caring owners.

Karen hoped that someone would like to adopt the animal.
But life changed everything.
Then a lady heard about this story.

The animal was in the hospital and Karen wanted to connect these two.
Karen also talked with the girl’s parents and they thought that their daughter would be a great couple with the animal.

When Karen first showed the photo of the animal to the girl she immediately loved the animal and found it.
So, when they met each other they quickly became friends.

The girl’s father was very happy as his girl happily played with the puppy.
So, now the girl has a true friend and the animal has a loving owner and best friend. Destiny connects them together and now they both are happy together and enjoy their life.

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