The little girl who did not have 1 hand adopted a kitten who also did not have a paw and they formed a special connection

The cat found her happy place in the girl with 1 hand. When they met it was clear that a special bond was created among them. It was very easy for them to understand each other.

Scarlet suffered from cancer and she lost her arm. She loved animals, especially cats. And her parents wanted to see their girl happy and adopted a cat for her.

They looked for 6 months for the cat and finally found the one who lost one paw.
So, they wondered how they could take the cat. They visited the shelter where the cat was.

The cat together with the girl had the same problem.
The girl liked the cat the way that her parents understood that she suits her.

The cat was also going through many difficulties.
The name of the cat was Doc. Doc was a very active and powerful creature.


She easily gets used to the new environment. Although she lost one paw, she was very active and playful. The girl got along with the animal very well and finally, she was very happy. The parents are glad as they managed to see their daughter happy.

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