The little cat who was found in the snow turned out to be an endangered one

The man together with his friend was walking in the Park when something blocked their path.
The man suddenly noticed a tiny cat who was scared and could not pass through the snow.

He could not even stand on his paws. So, they took the animal under the jacket for many hours.
All the way he thought that it was not a usual kitten but a wild animal.

So, they took the animal to the hospital where the doctors told them that it was a wild animal, which is at risk of disappearing.

So, it was a Scottish Wildcat. Those cats are at risk of extinction.
Friends were shocked by what they listened to.

Piotr also started to look for a new home for it.
But if they could not find it, they would take them by themselves. But then the situation changed.

They could not return the cat to the wild.
The doctors were also amazed at how they managed to keep it on their jackets.

Unfortunately, the cat dies because of frostbite.
The friends were disappointed by its death. They wanted to help the cat but could not.
So, after this, the special center decided to collect money and develop a program devoted to wild animals.

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