The little cat saved about 60 furry creatures and will always be remembered

Nano is a magical cat. He was about five weeks old when found. The volunteers never met such a creature. It was a couple of times smaller than his siblings.

It turned out that in the same place where the cats were found are about 60 cats as well.
The parent of Nano was named Zetta. Zetta taught her babies to jump and hide.

But the activists would never have found them if they did not notice a small fluffy.
The developer of the territory allowed the people to take all animals.

So, the family was taken to the orphanage. Here, the doctors weighed all puppies and Nao was weighing so little compared to all its siblings.
Nano suffered from Anemia. But fortunately, all the brothers were healthier.

Volunteers did everything necessary for the babies. Nano had some advantages as everything was a little bit difficult for it.
The shelter staff noticed how Nano grows and becomes more active each day. It wanted to explore more even when others just slept.

He was a smart and active boy.
And thanks to him its brother managed to find homes. So, he saved 60 of their lives.

And the volunteers would never forget about this baby.

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