The lion was so excited after getting so-called freedom

Animals should live in their natural habitat.
Many animals live in cages but they should live in their natural habitat and enjoy freedom.

For example, animals in circuses are treated a lot and suffer before being presented to the audience. And people just have fun without thinking about these poor creatures.
But fortunately, many animal lovers made great efforts to help them. And thanks to many of them survived.

Guatemala’s government decided to prohibit using animals in circuses.
And they gave animals freedom and they can also enjoy their time in their natural habitat.

So nine tigers and five lions are among these animals who got freedom.
Tarzan and Tanya now have freedom and are the happiest in the world. Due to the organization, they now can enjoy their life.

And the moment when the lions stood on the grass was very exciting. They felt it for the first time in their life. There is also a video that filmed the moment and you can also watch it. Many people could not even hide their tears after seeing such heartbreaking moments.
And after some time the animals were transferred to South Africa.

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