The kitten loved Christmas the way that the family decided to give her all-time Christmas tree

Luna enjoyed the holidays Christmas and New Year.
She loved the tree, the lights, and the gift boxes.

Sometimes animals try to drop the tree but she is not among them. She enjoys sleeping under the tree.
Every year when the family removed the tree Luna looked at the process with her sad eyes.

She wondered why the owners did this.
Luna already celebrated Christmas many times.

So, the family decided to make Luna happy and made her remaining days into a holiday.
So, they made a tree that will last forever and they would not remove it.

Luna was already deaf and she could not hear how the owners decorated the tree. But when she saw it she could not believe her eyes. She was happy again. And the house was again magically transformed.

Everything went well and the surprise worked.

Now she plays with the tree all the time. The family was also glad as they could see Luna happy again. No one knows how long she would live and if she would not see the tree again they will never forgive themselves for this.

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